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Requests for record transfer need to be sent directly us via email: or by fax @ 952-934-3336

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Scheduling Questions 

To schedule, reschedule or cancel your appointment please call our Appointment Scheduling 952-934-3383. You can also schedule your appointment online or contact us directly. Please do not use the form below for appointment related cancellation requests. Please note that you must call our Appointment Scheduling at 952-934-3383 to cancel an existing appointment.

Dental Emergencies

If you have a dental emergency during regular business hours, please call our Appointment Scheduling at 952-934-3383. For after hours dental emergencies, call 952-934-3383 and a doctor will be paged.

Other questions:

Please note we are unable to diagnose, provide advice or offer treatment online, over the phone or by mail. Contact our clinic to schedule an appointment to discuss dental care needs.

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* Billing questions will more than likely need to be answered over the phone.
* Please note that you must call our Appointment Scheduling at 952-934-3383 to cancel an existing appointment.

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