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General Dentistry in Chanhassen, MN

Our experienced staff with an average of 20 years of care at Chanhassen Dental are committed to providing your families with complete compassionate dental care. We have watched patients grow up and entrust us with their children for their dental care. We provide a warm, inviting atmosphere for our patients so they feel comfortable during any dental procedure.

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After decay has been removed from the tooth, a filling seals the hole and restores the tooth to its original dimensions. Materials typically used in this procedure include a composite resin, amalgam, porcelain, or gold.

Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth or preparing to have a tooth extracted, a dental implant may be an option for you. A dental implant is a titanium screw placed in the extraction site by and oral surgeon. The screw replaces the root of your tooth. Our dentists will then place a crown over the screw. Once finished, this titanium tooth will function like a natural tooth.


A bridge is an option to replace one or more missing teeth. This is another option to replace a missing tooth/teeth instead of dental implant. A dental lab will fuse crowns together to fill the space of the missing teeth and make crowns to cement onto the teeth adjacent to the space.

Root Canal Treatments

This procedure removes the infected tissue from inside the root, therefore eliminating the pain from the infection. The tooth is then covered with a crown or filling. If our dentists think a specialist called an endodontist is in your best interest, we will refer you to our endodontic team that has many years of experience.

Deep Cleanings

When diagnosed with periodontal disease, an infection in the soft tissue and bone surrounding teeth, a deep cleaning will remove the bacteria and promote healing of the tissue.

Oral Surgery

We are capable to handle most extractions, but if we believe that our top team of Oral Surgeons are necessary we will refer you to them. This may include difficult extractions or extractions of your 3rd molars. We have had a great relationship with our Oral surgery team for many years and trust you will be in the best care.

Pediatric Dentistry

As a family-friendly dental practice, we are proud to cater to the needs of every member of your family. We diligently to help every patient feel safe and welcome in our care, especially children. It is our goal to help your child establish a healthy oral hygiene routine so they can enjoy great smiles through every phase of life.


Bonding is the application of a resin material used to improve the appearance of chipped, fractured, or discolored teeth. These are a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings.


A dental veneer is a very thin piece of porcelain that is custom-made to fit on the front surface of your tooth. Veneers are used to change the size, shape, color, or length of the tooth it’s applied to.


When your tooth sustains an injury, decay or fracture beyond what a filling can repair a porcelain crown will be recommended. A porcelain crown covers your entire tooth while protecting the integrity of the remaining tooth structure. A porcelain crown will function just like your natural tooth.

White Fillings

White filling, or composite filling, is a tooth-colored plastic used to restore teeth that have decayed. These can be used to change the color or reshape teeth.


Teeth whitening is one of the most conservative and cost effective ways to make a major impact on your appearance. We offer custom at home and in office treatments to brighten your smile.


For a straighter smile we recommend Invisalign, an almost completely invisible method to straighten your teeth. No metal brackets or wires; just clear, removable trays to create a straight, beautiful smile! Retainers are custom-made orthodontic appliances designed to hold the position of your teeth after completion of braces or invisalign.

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